Sure the Forums cool, but how do I see the good stuff?

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Sure the Forums cool, but how do I see the good stuff?

Post by Blackthorn-USA » Sat May 04, 2013 12:35 am

How do I get into the other sections of the forum?

There are some sections of the forum that are not accessible by new or regular members. Some require you to only join the user group for access and others require paid membership.

Our Politics and Religion forums are open to anyone who would like to join the group. It is not on the public forum because some people prefer not to see or discuss those topics. For the rest of us, they are available.

Our Premium Members have access to all areas including a Members Lounge forum, Off Topic and they can post in the classifieds section. To become a premium member there is a $10 a year fee. This helps support the forum, gives you a title over your avatar, makes you eligible for special deals and discounts from our sponsor members and it allows you to take 20% off of all Blackthorn-USA courses.

Our Sponsor Members have access to all areas including Members Lounge, Off Topic, can post in the classifieds section. Sponsor Members also receive their own Business Forum in the sponsors area to answer questions, promote their products, post specials etc. and are able to put links or small banners in their sig lines advertising their products. The cost to become a Sponsor Member is only $5 a month.

Our Off Topic forum is where all the silliness and random bsing happens. Occasionally quality information accidentally gets posted there as well, lol. It’s mostly for things that aren’t necessarily related to our regular topics but still of interest. It’s also not searchable by the bots and does not appear on the search engines.

Our Moderators Forum is only accessible and viewable by the Mods. It’s pretty boring anyway…

To become a Premium or Sponsor Member please go to the sign-up page and make your payment. Be sure to include your Forum Name with your payment.

Then go to your User Control Panel and join the appropriate group. Detailed directions are in this thread, but it’s a pretty simple deal.
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